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JBC BT-2A Solder Station

special jubilee offer
We celebrate our 20 years jubilee and we offer you something special: In addition we give you a tip holder (€ 15,-) for free as a gift!

This station consists of;

  • BT analog power supply, 230V
  • Stand, sponge and integrated tool changer,
  • Up to 140W self adjusting tip power,
  • In less than 5 seconds at working temperature!,
  • Sleep and save modus,
  • Temperature from 90 - 450 gr C
  • and 2 years warranty!
  • T245 Comfort solder iron and C245-944 cartridge

Voltera V-One PCB printer


The one and only REALLY rapid prototyping tool for pcb's

PRINT your pcb design directly onto your substrate!

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Voltera V-One Drill Head Kit


Now available for fully automated drilling of THT and vias

drilling by hand is now past time

simply click on the drill attachment to the V-One head and start drilling

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NeoDen escoger y máquinas lugar


Su primera selección completamente automática y el lugar de la máquina!

Con todos los accesorios.

Especialmente para la UE, incluida la CE y 2 años de garantía.

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Strip Feeder Tray


At the same size of the well known JEDEC trays, we now offer a system that supports small pieces of SMT tapes

This increases your range of components on your p&p machine and also allows you to apply smaller quantities

Now you can say; "yes we can" to your customer!

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Sistemas de soldadura JBC CD-BE y CD-SE

met tijdelijke actiekorting / op = op
  • juego completo incluyendo dos de soldadura
  • Dentro de los 5 segundos Temperatura de funcionamiento
  • 50-100 grados más baja temperatura de soldadura
  • 5 x más larga vida de la punta

nuevos modelos con nuevo limpiador de punta

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Zapatillas de seguridad ESD


¡Una nueva línea de zapatos de seguridad ESD muy modernos y de moda!
Muy ligero, cómodo y duradero.

JBC T245-A soldador


This soldering iron handle for general purposes features a soft foam grip which provides thermal insulation.

It is perfect for both SMD components and for jobs with high power requirements (e.g. ground plane soldering).

This version is also suitable for the SMT series tips!

Spidé SMT Stencil Printers


A new line of Stencil Printers for SMT Prototyping and small series assembly

Suitable for single and double sided pcb's and for every application or budget

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New line of ESD dispensing bottles

We now offer you a complete line of affordable ESD dispensing bottles

Direct available in dissipative blue,

For fluxes, alcohols, cleaners, water, etc.

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Smartphone en tablet repair tools

new line of tools for iPhone and iPad

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portaherramientas práctico PIERGIACOMI

nueva; apoya y hábil con las herramientas y de su carrete o la soldadura de alambre

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